Traditional or Digital Customer Experience Marketing?

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Often companies are faced with the question of what particular form of marketing best suits their needs, the two primary choices being traditional and digital marketing. The majority of small businesses have a fixed budget with which they can actively target their customers across new, innovative and different channels. Given the fact that the lifecycle marketing landscape is constantly evolving, what should a company do in terms of traditional and digital marketing? Let’s explore this question together.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves the use of electronic devices to contact and connect with customers. Digital marketing includes platforms such as email, online websites and social networks. That being said, digital marketing also includes non internet-based outlets, such as the radio and television. Digital customer experience marketing can be used to access a larger audience. ROI is typically greater, due in large to the fact that precise analytics ae available through major online platforms which can be studied in order to improve business performance. That being said, using digitally marketing exclusively typically cannot bring sufficient traffic to your website without the assistance of traditional marketing methods.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has remained an important element of growth and development in businesses around the world. Traditional marketing often forms the core of the marketing mix.  Traditional methods include advertisements placed in magazines, newspaper, and radio.

The best solution for optimizing lifecycle marketing is to create a mix of both traditional and digital marketing. It is better to think not of “solutions” to questions such as these, but rather to imagine this process as a series of goals, such as increased engagement and increased financial reward.

Campaign Breakdown

There must be a clear breakdown of costs within a customer communication marketing campaign. This breakdown should include information regarding number of sales, the size of the sale, and the customer engaging in the sale. Make sure to evaluate RIO across multiple channels and outcomes. Ultimately, your goal should be finding the “right person” willing to take the “right offer” at the “right time”.  Personalizing a sales message can increase a prospect’s interest by improving the relevance of the ads they see.
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