The Importance of Building a Brand

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There are a lot of different puzzle pieces that fit together to create a successful business. The center of the puzzle, the piece that completes the mosaic and reveals the hidden picture, is your brand. Building a brand is one of the most important aspects of cultivating a successful business.

There are many different angles from which to approach the task of building your brand, each providing a different perspective on your overall brand image. Here are some things you’ll need for your brand building toolkit and why it’s such an important component of a business.


Why Branding Matters

Your brand tells a story about your business. You can liken the rapport building process to dating: a customer might flirt with your business because one of your offerings caught their eye. They aren’t ready to make a purchase right away but want to take time to think about it. Your brand is the channel through which your customer gets to know you. The consumer becomes more familiar with your brand through the dating process (also known as your sales funnel) before finally deciding whether or not to commit.

Strong branding builds trust and communication with your potential customers to ultimately make a sale and contribute to a successful business.


Brand Elements

A brand comprises of various elements— both tangible and intangible, verbal and visual– to create a story that sells your product or service to the customer. These elements could include language, logo design, fonts, mission statements, and your vision. It can be the manner in which you address your customers and your marketing tools. All in all, your brand is a complex idea with such an infinite opportunity for inclusions that it is hard to define.


Branding on the Web


In the digital age, much of the branding process is completed on the world wide web. This makes sense as proper use of internet tools are essential to building one’s brand, regardless of if their business is global or local. In addition to creating an effective sales funnel, you must have a solid understanding of SEO and analytics. While AdWords grading tools try to scare people, they are valuable assets to have once you get past the learning curve.

Social media has revolutionized digital marketing over the previous decade. Whereas a website used to be the single most important online real estate a business could own, many forgo a traditional website for a social media business page. Conversely, not having a website has been deemed socially acceptable while not having a social media presence is not.

To be successful in digital marketing, one must become well versed in the ever-changing algorithms and trends pertaining to social media and SEO. That, or hire someone to handle it for you.


Branding in Person

Despite the fact that the internet dominates the branding process, in-person branding is essential. How you convey yourself and speak about your business directly impacts your success. Networking events still hold a lot of merit for business development and growth, and business cards are far from obsolete. Ideally, your in-person branding and online branding will be congruent, for a strong, cohesive brand that speaks for itself, no matter what the medium.

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