10 Customer Feedback Questions To Ask [Slideshare]

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Given the popularity of our previous post, 10 Questions to Ask Your Customers, we created a Slideshare to elaborate on the who, what, and why of the questions described there. We hope you enjoy it!

Whether you’re a product manager or marketer, it’s important to identify customer feedback questions to ask.

Key Takeaways

This Slideshare presents 10 website survey questions that will help you improve your business and product, gain a better understanding of your market, and even bring you referrals.

Break up your interactions into bite-size questions to maximize response rates and engagement. Consider this method a way of conducting scalable customer development interviews.

Without further ado, here’s the Slideshare!

So what did you think?  Leave your comments below and tell us how you have used these questions in your customer development interviews.

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