Selling SaaS: Prezly’s Visual Guide

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Every now and then we come across something amazing that we just have to share. Prezly’s visual guide to selling SaaS is an insightful look at the challenges all SaaS companies face at some point. The reason this guide is so amazing is that it offers tactics and tools for organizing teams as well as marketing and selling SaaS.  It’s a must-see.

Prezly’s Founder Outlines His Approach

“Finding users and getting them to part with their money is no easy task,” Fredrick, design founder at Prezly admits. Prezly’s approach is to get organized, follow a system and work the sales funnel. The company nurtures the buyer before, during and after the sale with live chat, email and newsletters.

Fredrick walks through Pirate Metrics (AARR!). This provides a good quantitative and comparative analysis for any start-up. He describes the Skyscraper Technique for content marketing in detail. And for direct sales, he offers solid tactics and tools for improvement.

The company says it experienced 20 percent month-over-month growth. MRR and net promoter scores are shared with the entire team. These are the two numbers they consistently work to improve.

There’s even a downloadable PDF of the presentation on slide 20.