Potential Customers – How to optimize for conversions

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One of the worst things for a company is missed sales opportunities — potential customers who come to the site and leave without entering the marketing funnel by providing their email.

Sadly, 94% of visitors don’t leave contact information on a B2B website. How do you capture a potential customers information before they leave the site? How can you entice the customer to leave their information? Let’s review how companies try to solve this problem.


Retargeting, also known as behavioral advertising, can help capture potential customers. Retargeting systems keep track of visitors on your website and displays ads to them specifically as they visit other websites. This technology uses Javascript to drop cookies on visitors, so that publishers and ad networks can identify the visitor. This strategy has proven useful in combination with inbound marketing, because you only spend money with visitors who have shown interest in the company.

Pros: Optimize for conversions of interested visitors and capture lost opportunities

Cons: Doesn’t attract new traffic, doesn’t work if visitors use as blockers, may annoy some visitors without proper controls.

Contact Form Best Practices

Various companies have resorted to altering forms to increase conversion. Contact forms offer a way of connecting to your potential customer. They are the simplest way of collect visitors’ data. Forms with the highest response rate always use less forms fields to get data required and tend to shy away from asking for irrelevant information.

Pros: Ease of Use and Qualitative Data from Customers

Cons: Low Response Rate

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is often viewed as email marketing technology coupled with a structured sales processes. It focuses on moving leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to the bottom becoming a sales lead. Prospects or Potential customers are given a score based on their activities and presented with a social and customer success email campaign to nurture them from initial interest through to closed sale.

Pros: Very Detailed information on potential customers

Cons: Only Works if IP address information is public, Can only track businesses not individual customers

Capturing a potential customer’s information gives you the key to a sale. The current solutions alleviate the pain of losing potential customers but none of these solutions truly solve the problem of gaining potential customers’ attention after they leave your website.

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What tools do you use to optimze for conversions of potential customers? And does this toll or method help you collect qualitative data from customers? Comment below