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Sales prospecting requires determination, dedication and commitment, three important personality traits that ultimately determine the success of a sales cycle. Effective prospecting is a serious endeavour which requires a substantial time investment. The best propsectors aren’t waiting for a client to agree to buy something before they begin their work. Not only are prospectors seeking out new leads, but they are also designing their sales pipeline in such a way that prospects have no reason to step away from the process. In order for sales prospecting to be productive, it requires a consistent, routine structure which constantly supplies the firm’s sales pipeline with rewarding opportunities.


“Never Stop Prospecting” focuses on the importance of intelligent prospecting for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Immediately, I thought of Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue.

The major problem within moden sales organizations is the absence of a dedicated sales development representative. Sales professionals split their time between prospecting, booking appointments, taking demos, writing proposals, and closing accounts. This extended process saps energy and forces attention to be split across all stages of the process, creating an inconsistent sales cycle.



Ultimately, the “ripest” opportunities receive the most attention,  which may shift the focus away from sales prospecting temporarily. Although an account may have been opened with a new client, the neglected pipeline may remain dry for weeks.

“Never Stop Prospecting” teaches us to develop focus, consistency and momentum during prospecting. Based on our experiences, the most successfull propsecting occurs when businesses dedicate a portion of their resources exclusively to this activity.

Our sales prospecting strategies involve two distinct methods.  First, we employ a “meeting setting” service. Second, we build our own prospect lists. This process — often relegated to junior employees — is considered extremely important, and is overseen by the CEO, who allocates a significant amount of time to the sales ops process.

Why do we use both methods? It turns out that, despite our best efforts to keep these systems “in-house”, we still fall into the opportunity-prospecting sales cycle trap! As a result, our demand generation service provider assures that we keep consistent energy devoted to prospecting. Our monthly efforts are supplemental and hyper-targeted to key accounts.

While securing deals cannot be neglected, there needs to be a more consistent and proactive approach to prospecting in the form of momentum. In order to achieve this, businesses must achieve a balance between time spent on sales and time spent on prospecting. When resources are limited due to an insufficient number of employees, particularly in startups or small businesses, an employee specialized exclusively in prospecting needs to be hired. This individual could prove to be an invaluable asset to the firm.

In conclusion, constant sales prospecting is the most suitable solution in situations where a firm isn’t achieving their desired sales numbers. Regular sales propsective will provide a reasonable amount of qualified prospects which will assist in the provision of more business. Such a measure can ensure not only an increase in sales, but also improve the business’ bottom line, which, ultimately, will determine whether the firm survives or fails.


Prospecting is essential when helping a firm establish a solid sales pipeline. Currently, there are many proven methods of prospecting which can be used to meet the individual, unique needs of the firm in question. These include:

1) Telephone prospecting, which is very effective when attempting to reach a gatekeeper and identify the decision-maker.

2) Capitalizing on present consumer dealings

3) Utilizing social media platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

4) Marketing and promotional campaigns.

It is recommended that firms select propsecting strategies that closely match their current operational behaviors and then apply the strategy in a consisent manner. This will ensure that sales increase over the long term.

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