Product Managers: What It Takes To Make Great Products #productchats

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Adam Kazwell (@kaz), product guy for Gigaom, AOL, Hotwire, dishes out some knowledge about what it takes to make great products in this week’s #productchats. Let’s see what it takes to become a good product manager.

For starters, you have to go beyond user feedback tools or user feedback widgets. You have to learn how to engage your customers in authentic conversations that tease out their actual pain points.

This is one of the highlights of the chat for me:

Adam Kazwell talks about the secret to making products sticky

Adam also talked about how one of the most important but often undervalued tools to making great products is a pen and paper. Pen and paper helps you iterate very quickly.

DSC_0001.JPGPhoto credit: Jordanhill

Below is the Storify recap of the #productchats with Adam:

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