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There isn’t an easier way of recieving feedback from your customers than ListenLoop’s new Feedback tab. Which is completely free starting today. Companies charge as much as $50 for a Feedback Tab. But here at ListenLoop, we know the best things in life are free.


ListenLoop Feedback tab

Feedback tabs are minimally intrusive customer feedback collectors. Best used as passive channels for capturing user feedback, this method can be better than intercepts because the customer experience is entirely uninterrupted.

Adding ListenLoop JavaScript to your website or web app is super easy — just like dropping in your Google Analytics tag.  Reload your site. If you see the Feedback Tab, then you’re all set.

Oh, you’re an advanced user?

Read on to learn how you can customize your Feedback Tab.

After you add ListenLoop’s Javascript to your code, you can edit the default question, in addition to sequencing multiple questions for your visitors.  ListenLoop provides over 11 types of questions to from:


Here are some Uses Cases for each Question Types

  1. Text Box – Great for Open-ended questions with detailed answers

  2. Email Collector – request a visitor’s email address as part of your question flow

  3. NPS – Measures the Health of Customer Relationships

  4. Field – Great for a short open-ended question, like “what’s your name?”

  5. Thumbs Up/Down – ideal for quickly measuring sentiment on an issue or asking customers to opt-in for user testing

  6. Multiple Choice – Perfect for validating multiple hypotheses at once while collecting easily digestible, structured data. Also powerful for questions using the Likert scale (eg, “very satisfied …neutral … very dissatisfied”)

  7. Message – Useful for general product messaging, perhaps about a new feature

  8. Form – The best for collecting your customer’s information, such as on a landing page

  9. Beta Enrollment – Customers can easily join your beta or user tests

  10. Checkboxes – Collect several choices to a question

  11. Thank you – Share your appreciation for your customers responses. This widget also auto-hides after 2 seconds.

You may also change the display format for your feedback tab.  Choose popover or iFrame format:

IframepopoveroptionA Popovers creates a short question over part your site.

Whereas iFrames capture users’ attention.


 You can further customize your Feedback Tab:

Button Text: Changes the text in the button of the tab

Font Color: Changes the Font of the tab

Background Color: Changes the background color

Font Style: Changes the style

Position: Where the button will show up on the page?

URL to Show On: What page will the tab show up on?


Now that you have a feedback tab, you have taken an important step toward capturing your customers’ feedback. When you’re done using passive feedback, try proactive feedback using ListenLoop Engage to creating a user feedback loop on specific aspects of your software. ListenLoop provides a robust set of rules that precisely govern the “who, when, where and how” of triggering questions in the web experience. Only then can you actively engage customers at various interaction points within your site without ruining your customer’s experience.

ListenLoop knows you will create some great questions with this free tool. Check out our previous post on the Customer Best Practices on What Questions to Ask and When for some tips.

Start using this free user feedback widget on your website today and Learn more about ListenLoop below:

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