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Here at ListenLoop we noticed some of our customers were not aware or not taking full advantage of Listenloop’s Custom Properties.  By enabling these settings our customers can pass and store fields of their customer responses, enable the use of customized conversations and use rules to trigger conversations.

The Job:  After deploying a series of questions inside of your web or mobile application, and you’re getting hundreds of responses per week from all your customers. You need a way to store important fields of information, customize the conversations with key officers and be able to trigger the right conversations at the right time.

The Solutions:

1) Enable the passing and storing of Customer Properties

Start by going to Settings:


open-ended question


Custom Properties are located in the middle of the page

Enter in the Name and Type(String, Number, Date, Boolean) of the field you would like to capture.


Click the Submit button


Go to Implementation in the top right on the Home screen

open-ended question


View More Advanced Options on the Bottom of the screen

advance options


This must be inserted into page’s code

Pass a custom hash to dynamically inject data in your surveys


  function fkVisitorData(){
return {
“email”:”[email protected]”,
“Name”: “”,
“Company”: “”,
        “Budget”, “”


Go to Visitors tab, Find the desired Visitor to view the newly stored Customer Properties 


2) Enable you to use it to customize conversations.

An Example of this is to use name/fields in the questions

Start by going to Conversations and create a Conversation

Use pipes to Customize the |name| – This will show the customers name from Custom Properties

open-ended question


This is what the visitors see:


3) Using fields in rules to trigger Conversations on/off

Start by going to Conversation

The next step is to go to Rules

The fields you created above (Name and Company) can be used in the rules. Use the pipes as you did to customize the conversation.


Custom Rules

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– The ListenLoop Team

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