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Jamplify, a social marketing platform which turns fans into active promoters of online content, needed to understand why they were generating less revenue than expected given their traffic volume. In the prior year, Jamplify built an audience of fans who drove traffic to artists’ landing pages, where Jamplify would upsell concert tickets to nearby revenues.

On Jamplify, fans get amazing access to artists and events for spreading the word about shows and content. Fans can drive awareness for the music they love (and get credit for it) wherever they have friends or followers. Now every fan can be a promoter and get access to incredible experiences for getting the word out.

But visitors weren’t buying tickets. The Jamplify team was spending hours debating this issue, proposing various product changes based on simple metrics. With their monetization strategy at stake, the company had a burning question: How should Jamplify’s product change to encourage more ticket sales?


How the Jamplify team used ListenLoop to hear their customers The Jamplify executive team used ListenLoop to hear their customers and grow their business

Easy Setup of ListenLoop

Jamplify called upon ListenLoop to resolve this urgent problem. To get started, Jamplify simply added a JavaScript file to its website. In collaboration, Jamplify and ListenLoop drafted multiple-choice and open-ended questions to gather actionable feedback from users. Lastly, Jamplify inputted behavioral criteria into ListenLoop’s software to ensure that only qualified users were asked questions.

The Results with ListenLoop

Within hours, the Jamplify team had actionable insights from users, indicating that better tools were necessary to track sales that users had generated. Otherwise, users felt that their ticket selling efforts were insufficiently rewarded in comparison to driving referral traffic. In response Jamplify deployed a solution to track ticket sales. Using Listenloop’s technology, Jamplify’s revenue increased 12.5% in a month after deploying this solution.

Furthermore, Jamplify significantly changed its product – rewarding users for ticket sales only rather than referral traffic. This fundamental shift in their business model concluded a longstanding internal debate about the future of monetization at Jamplify.

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