How to Improve and Optimize Conversions in E-commerce Sales

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So close! So close! and then they slip away…

This is the feeling that many e-commerce marketers have as they see customers getting to that crucial check-out phase and bouncing without an explanation.  You could guess why – it must have been the shipping cost dammit!  Or you could know why and potentially do something to convert that otherwise lost deal.  This blog post explores a few options for you.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

In today’s world, consumers have a plethora purchase options.  This creates a natural hesitancy to buy because they are always asking “is there a better deal out there? Should I wait for the price to drop? Can i get free shipping elsewhere? When users get to a shopping cart most of that hesitancy is gone but a few factors can still cause them to turn away.

ListenLoop recently conducted an interesting A/B experiment set to test web site conversion.  In scenario A, we triggered the question “what was the primary reason you didn’t purchase this item?” when someone moved their mouse out of the e-commerce checkout page. We then offered multiple choice responses like, “shipping cost”, “price is too high”, and “just not the right time”.  For each response, we automatically provided contingency offers, like – “you’re in luck, here’s a one time free shipping coupon code.”  In scenario B, we didn’t trigger anything and let the customer exit.  As you can imagine, addressing the buyer’s hesitancy at the point of interaction, while their urge to buy is ripe, we saw an 8% increase in sales conversions.

shopping cart abandonment survey mockup

n.b. the image above is a mockup of what ListenLoop would look like on an e-commerce website. 

Out of Stock

“Oh no, it’s out of stock!” That’s a sale that should have happened but didn’t.  Frustrating no doubt.  With a simple engagement, however, you may still have a chance!  Pop a question when the element “out of stock” is scrolled into view, and ask, “Would you like us to remind you when this is in stock?” If the customer says, “Yes,” then respond with this: “Great. Enter your email here and we will notify you when it’s available again.”  With a little “down the road” diligence, you can remind that person and convert the sale in due time.

E-commerce Out of Stock Popover Question

Be Proactive

You know your site’s most attractive products, incentives and have done your best to optimize for conversions. In fact, you probably have the metrics in place to measure product’s performance.  So why not ask your visitors if they want to see the best-sellers as soon as they load your home page?  Or ask them if they want a one-time discount for visiting the first time… or the tenth time.  Point is, make your visitors feel special and you will see higher sales on conversions.

These are three easy ways to leverage ListenLoop to increase sales.  So ask yourself, “How many new customers and sales are slipping through the cracks by not simply asking why?”

To learn more, check out this post regarding 10 questions you should ask your customers.

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