How to Deploy Website Surveys Without Annoying Customers

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Annoyed Customers

Annoying your customers is a good way of losing business. So how do gather customer feedback without crossing the line? Learn how to deploy a website survey without annoying your customers.


When getting people to respond to a website survey the key thing is to keep it short and allow them the opportunity to end it at any point without quitting and losing all the data. With website surveys you should start by finding out about who the user is? Are they male/female? How old are they? How long have they have use the product? Make sure you limit these questions to just what will be useful to you. For all the questions try to do the work for them, so they can respond with a minimal number of clicks. One user per survey per day is the least annoying and most effective method to deploy surveys.

 Personal Surveys

Annoyance stems from three basic areas:

  • Relevance:  asking irrelevant questions to the customer experience leads to poor response rates and annoyed users

  • Frequency: asking too many intercept questions may interrupt and frustrate a user

  • Presentation:  the way you display a question has a big impact on whether a question annoys a customer


When one of the user feedback questions is out of context and it is bound to be annoying. Imagine using Intuit Quickbooks to file your taxes for this year and a pop up appears asking you whether you would like luxury travel. You would not be happy because the question has absolutely nothing to do with your current task.



It is extremely important to set the appropriate frequency for asking questions. This is very much dependent on the context and the question. Generally speaking, it’s OK to ask power users a question 2-3 times within a 90 day period. It would also be best if a active user receives only website survey per day in total across all surveys running on a website. In addition, if a user has already completed a specific survey, they should never see an that survey again. For targeting unengaged visitors limit questions to once a quarter. Make sure in all cases repeat questions are not allowed.



There are three basic ways to present a question:


Overlay Surveys allow you to collect data on the spot. When users are browsing your website, you can serve them a overlay survey to get immediate feedback. This will allow users to focus only on the survey minimizing distractions.



Popovers is a great way of finding out what your customers and visitors think and great way of grabbing their attention. Popovers have higher click-through rates than any other method because it requires action from each visitor or customer to qualify the popover. This method is great at attracting customer’s attention as they experience your site.


Feedback tab

This method is regarded as the least intrusive way of gathering customer input, but this is a high chance of being ignored. Consider using feedback tabs if you have want feedback from your customers but do not want to interrupt their user experience.

 Feedback tab


A Great Follow Up to this post is Customer Best Practices on What and When to ask Questions

How do you gather customer feedback? What are your tips on creating website surveys? Feel free to comment below

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