Infographic: Do Bounced Visitors Deserve Your Ad Dollars?

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Your bounce rate, the percentage of visitors who do not travel beyond the entry page at your website, is an important metric. You can learn a lot from it to make adjustments to the content and design of your website. You can also switch out underperforming assets to help improve your overall digital marketing efforts.

Let’s face it though, it’s not likely you’ll ever have a 5 percent bounce rate. If you have a ten, fifteen or twenty percent bounce rate, you’re doing quite well. These percentages aren’t very high, but these visitors have demonstrated a lack of interest in your solution based on their behavior at your website. It’s best you take heed.

The problem is that you may be spending some of your ad budget to retarget these bounced visitors if you aren’t using thresholds such as frequency and time to fine-tune your ad retargeting efforts. Why throw ad dollars at visitors who bounce?

This infographic explains how you can stop your bounce rate from stealing from your ad budget. Be savvy. Spend wisely.

Infographic-Don't Waste Ad Dollars on Visitors That Bounce


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