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For B2B companies, the considerable portion of these visitors, which immediately leave their site, are a major letdown. Considering how much money and resources were spent to get the visitor to this site in the first place. The probability, a person will come back to your site, are slim, and there is a good chance their visit educated them enough to help your competition receive a purchase.

Studies have shown it takes on average eight touches or interaction with a product before making a decision to buy. Using the a customer success email acquisition system can solve this issue, capture and reconnect with new and existing customers.

The Bait and Benefits

If you are starting with zero contacts. Use an incentive to give visitors into your email acquisition system some examples of this – an e-book, video, free access or a coupon. This bait should provide some value to the customer. The best practice is to state results and not the benefits of the product. When you don’t have something of value, to offer your potential customers, opt-in ratio will decrease. .

The Persona

You must create personas that best relate to your product’s niche. This persona will be the author and the face of the emails, landing pages, etc. A proper name of the persona must be created to earn the title of expertise in this area. The name should sound professional, which means use the long version of the name. It is ok for the persona to have a nickname because this can build trust with a visitor to your site.


Now that you have your persona, you will need to point out how awesome your persona is at helping people. Don’t make up any testimonials or story. To engage the visitor, you will need to make them feel important and powerful.

The 3 Persuasive P’s

To persuade people to make a buying decision, make sure their 3 Ps. You will need to to demonstrate the 3 P’s of Persuasive:

  • Pain (What is missing)
  • People have a problem or desire that lead them to your product. Be open and as clear as possible about the problem.
  • Potential (What if it could do this)
  • After establishing pain point, this is where a persona can introduce the potential problem the product can solve.
  • Proof (Look at this person who achieved this, in so many days)
  • Potential puts the customer going after the bait. You must convey a lot of people are interested in posting feedback

Copywriting Tips

  • Keep your visitors focus by mixing your content and messaging up
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use bold text as a way of conveying the most important parts of the email
  • Tell people what to do

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