Customer Success Best Practices: Get Feedback via Email [Slideshare]

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Here at ListenLoop we know a thing or two about customer feedback. Indeed, some have called us customer feedback analysis experts! We recently started a content series called The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Collecting User Feedback. This slideshare covers direct feedback requests within email – just one of seven methods to collect user feedback.  We hope you enjoy it!

You don’t want to miss this series if you are a Product Manager, Marketer, or practitioner of customer success management.


Key Takeaways

This Slideshare contains customer success best practices describing how to initiate direct feedback requests within an email. In particular, I break down the ideal customer feedback email format so you can increase your response rates.

The method described here is best used to gauge trends and build relationships.  In particular, the structured data will allow you to easily conduct customer feedback analysis on specific issues your business is facing.  Of course, this is all part of a success management campaign.

Without further ado, here’s the Slideshare!

So what did you think?  Leave your comments below and tell us what methods you use to collect customer feedback?

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