Customer Best Practices on What Questions to Ask and When [Slideshare]

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You have traffic coming to your site and customers are actively engaged with your product. That’s great. But most sucessful companies learn continously from their customers.

How you ask? Consider asking the right question at the right time to track customer success, Net Promoter Score, or product specific feedback.

Read on to find business case scenarios for asking a question to website visitors as a way of capturing valuable information to improve product and marketing. Each scenario contains context, question placement, triggers, question types, suggested phrasing, and rules to manage a conversation. 

Here’s the Slideshare. Keep reading to find a brief summary of key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

You need to actively engage customers at various interaction points within your site to capture results that are both quantitative and qualitative. And the questions you should ask your customers to identified in the best practices slideshow are most helpful to product and marketing managers in the SaaS and e-commerce industries.

Here are the business scenarios discussed:

  1. Collecting first impressions from new visitors to your website

  2. Introducing and encouraging adoption of new features

  3. Measuring NPS (Net Promoter Score) to understand customer satisfaction and loyalty

  4. Measuring NPS via email according to user actions in your web application

  5. Conducting general customer research based on visitor behaviors

  6. Offering proactive help when a user is on your application for a long time without action

  7. Capturing product feedback to understand satisfaction with respect to specific features or pages

  8. Analyzing why visitors abandon online shopping carts using exit intent surveys

Leave your comments below and tell us your favorite questions to capture these types of customer insights. And please check out our previous post on customer feedback questions to ask:


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