Automated Advertising: How Is It Different from Retargeting?

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What’s the difference between automated advertising and ad retargeting? Do you know when to use either? Just like the difference between a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips head, the two are similar but not identical. Do you need both? Probably not. This presentation will help you find the right tools  and make the most of them.

For consumers, generic retargeting can work like a charm. It’s what happens when you browse for flat-screen TV’s on one website and begin to see TV ads at other sites you visit. Generic retargeting works well for B2C, as most customer purchasing decisions happen fairly quickly. It’s a simple three step process that involves creating a cookie in a user’s browser, tracking their behavior with that cookie and creating ads on other sites based on their interests.

Not so with B2B where the average buyer’s journey can be six months or more. Higher price points, multiple decision-makers and the exhaustive research prospects are well known to conduct make sales cycles longer and far more complex than the sale of a flat-screen TV.

Advertising automation works best for B2B marketers because it can deliver on three key attributes to ensure messages are delivered to the right audience: personalization, nurturing and segmentation. Marketers can tailor content that is relevant for each prospect, nurture the prospect over time and identify what content the prospect should receive based on their online behaviors, CRM activity, and demographics.

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