FAQ: Adding Fields to the Salesforce Account Object to Sync ListenLoop Data

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Here is a step-by-step process to add fields to Account Object so that ListenLoop can synchronize information about impressions, clicks, and more:

1. Connect with Salesforce using OAUTH.

2. Navigate through Salesforce, click on Setup.

3. Find Customize tab on the left.

4. Find Accounts object under Customize tab.

5. Under Accounts, click on Fields, then click on New.


6. Go back to ListenLoop. Select the field or column you want to create under Label. Here, we will be using Impressions (all time). Click on the Icon next to the file name to copy to clipboard. Take note of the Type (Number, Date, etc).

7. Return to Salesforce. Select Number type. Click Next.

8. In the Field Label, paste the value copied from ListenLoop. Click outside textbook input. Notice that it will automatically create the Field Name. Leave everything else default. Click Next.

If the Field Name wasn’t created automatically, triple check the Field Name matches the following exactly (n.b. uppercase, lowercase, and the double underscore “__c” suffix).

Field Label Field Name
Clicks (3 mo.) Clicks_3_mo__c
Clicks (7 days) Clicks_7_days__c
Clicks (all time) Clicks_all_time__c
First Impressions Date First_Impressions_Date__c
Impressions (3 mo.) Impressions_3_mo__c
Impressions (7 days) Impressions_7_days__c
Impressions (all time) Impressions_all_time__c
First Personalized Date First_Personalized_Date__c
Page Views (All Time) Page_Views_All_Time__c
Personalizations (All Time) Personalizations_All_Time__c
Conversions (All Time) Conversions_All_Time__c

You should see something like this in your Salesforce field manager if you did it correctly:

9. Check specific settings you want (optional). Otherwise, leave the defaults and click Next.

10. Leave everything as default. Click Save.

11. Repeat the steps above for all other rows from ListenLoop’s list of synchronized fields. When done, select Sync Salesforce Fields. Seeing a YES status under “Found in Salesforce” indicates you have done it successfully.