A Lucrative Connection: Getting Personal with the B2B Buyer

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One of the greatest mistakes digital marketers make is the idea that consumption equals connection. Ever wonder why the average online conversion rates for a run-of-the-mill e-commerce site are so low? Hint: it lacks a personalization.

Digital Marketing is all about Personalization

The truth behind the numbers is this: for all of the visibility and engagement the online arena claims to offer, it also presents one imposing hurdle – pervasive anonymity and a lack of opportunities for genuine human connection. You can throw a million dollars to bring a million visitors in front of a generic online ad, but your ROI most likely won’t justify the expense. Therefore, mass consumption does not always result in viable and lucrative connections. What does, however, is personalization.

An email will never feel quite as impressive as a warm smile and a handshake, obviously. But personalization, such as referring to a person’s name or content that’s relevant to them, goes a long way toward building a connection without physically interacting with a would-be customer.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Now, more than ever before, digital technology has allowed us to nurture, engage and convert potential customers by gaining insight into the data behind their online persona. Those online behaviors, on-page actions and general engagement speak volumes about the type of customer this anonymous individual really is. For many B2B marketers, one of the most important assessments is the type of customer that will lift sales. It is estimated that 98% of online consumers are currently misunderstood by companies hoping to gain their business. Will you break this mold?

Once you know what a visitor is viewing (via simple web analytics) and what their interest level may be (lead scoring), you should personalize marketing materials that will resonate with the particular focus and state of mind of the customer. Cut through the annoying cold calls and generic email forms and rely instead on personalized assets to achieve measurably higher conversion rates throughout the sales funnel.

Too few online marketers are exploring the myriad of personalization opportunities available. If you were to visit an online marketing conference today, you’d discover that the majority of industry “shop talk” hovers on the issue of email campaign strategy. While emails are, indeed, an excellent way to reach prospective clients, that channel lacks the dynamism and presence of automated display advertising which is fast becoming the go-to vehicle for cutting-edge promotional strategies.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “sorry, but my B2B sales cycle simply doesn’t operate at the speed of my B2C counterparts because it simply can’t engender the trust created through weeks and months of emails and phone calls.” Even the most personalized display advertising cannot replace a knowledgeable and professional sales representative. What it can do, however, is ensure that sales representatives have a potential customer to convert. It is estimated that companies deploying personalized strategies experience a 19% increase in sales over their competitors.

Stay Top-of-Mind Throughout the Sales Cycle

Staying top-of-mind during the sales cycle is a challenge for B2B marketers. Deploying personalized campaigns across a diverse array of channels goes a long way. Scoring, personalization, and nurturing resources are some of the ways to construct compelling responses and queries for buyers based wholly on their previous actions, ensuring that your messaging is both timely and contextually accurate.

B2B buyers have so many options available to them when purchasing products and services. Finding your way to the top of the heap should be your number one priority. Companies that adopt more personalized approaches to digital marketing reap quantifiable benefits, so consider how you will enhance your digital campaigns with personalization.

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