8 Reasons Why Suggestion Boxes are a Product Manager’s Best Friend

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An on-premise wooden suggestion box works at some brick-and-mortar locations, so what’s the equivalent tool for online properties? Cue the feedback tab, which can be a great starting point for learning about your organization.

Feedback tabs help you archive customer suggestions in real time, making customer feedback easier to analyze at your next product roadmap meeting. Whilst Digital Suggestion Box can be an effective tool for Product Managers to start listening to users, customers and prospects. Here we examine the 8 reasons why suggestion boxes are a product manager’s best friend:

1) Adds value to sellers

It enables them to commence a dialogue with their customers instead of just reading about their customer’s experience on a third party review site. Agile Customer Conversations are key to understanding your value proposition to your customers.

2) Product Managers capture the best ideas from customers and prospects

With a feedback tab you have an established platform to provide suggestions that can improve the organization and product.

3) Dedicated platform

Can provide suggestions that can improve the organization and product. The company’s competitive advantage is it can swiftly respond to customers’ needs and wants. The more agile a team is the faster a company can grow.

4) Innovation is fostered through a feedback tab

Any organisation now has the ability to capture ideas (small and large) and convince people in the Organization, such as Product & Marketing a Managers as well as VP of Engineering to act on to them.

5) Feedback tab has the ability to identify specific organisational, product or service issues

If there are indications customers/users are dissatisfied, this could convince the manager to confront the issue.

6) Understand the concerns

A feedback tab could become a company sponsored complaint centre – a tool for a minority of customers to gripe about trivial aspects of a business.

7) Inconvenience and Time

Consider as customer or prospect may have limited time as they require considerable effort from participants. They may have a few suggestions to offer but they may be discouraged and consider it not worth filling out the feedback in the feedback tab and submitting it. “Well, maybe next time” is often the prevailing sentiment”. Overall thrust here is that passively soliciting feedback from customers provides too much friction for customer to actually engage.  Lots of missed opportunities here to capture quality, timely feedback.

8) Managing Expectations

Customers need to be aware that a feedback tab and the resulting customer suggestion take time to initiate. A feedback tab cannot cure all the issues customer has with the company. It could in reality undermine the process by giving customers the impression that positive suggestions can be incorporated at will. A good product manager needs to make customers retain realistic expectations of how long it will take for suggestions to be considered. Using the feedback needs to remain consistent for it to be effective. At the same time encourage them to continue participating so that customer participation becomes an integral part of your culture.

Customer feedback in digital form can be beneficial in terms of gathering customer insight and promoting user engagement. Companies having a Feedback tab can gain a competitive advantage as they are able to gain feedback from customers, obtain the knowledge regarding best practices as well as foster innovation. Moreover, Feedback tab will encourage participation, contribution and ultimately change. Whether you are a Product Manager, Marketer or Engineer, it is important to ask the right questions as customers will assist you in improving your business and product, gain a better understanding of your market and even provide referrals.

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