5 Reasons Why You Should Consider B2B Ad Retargeting in 2016

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A 2014 comScore study revealed that retargeted ads led to a 1046 percent increase in branded search and a 726 percent lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure. These numbers mostly reflect B2C retargeting because most retargeting solutions aren’t flexible and sustainable throughout the entire B2B buyer journey.

But improved retargeting solutions are now able to accommodate the longer and more complex buyer cycles and B2B marketers are learning the many ways they can experience the same kind of success their B2C counterparts have enjoyed.

# 1 Cost-Effective Advertising & Improved ROI

Odds are, you’re putting the finishing touches on your budget planning for 2016 and you’re trying to figure out how to stretch those digital advertising dollars for the greatest return on investment (ROI). The sharp increases predicted for digital ad spending in 2016 can work hand in hand with ad retargeting to help B2B marketers increase sales velocity. According to Smart Insights, a digital advertising consultancy, the average click-thru rate across all ad formats and placements is 0.06 percent, but retargeted users are 70% more likely to convert according to Digital Information World.

Over 55 percent of B2B marketers use online ads and 51 percent use social ads. Precision targeting for better click-thru rates leading to a better ROI can be delivered with ad retargeting.


#2 Nurture Leads during Each Stage of the Funnel

B2B marketers often tell us they have tried retargeting, but because there was no real way to measure it, they didn’t believe it worked and they stopped. We believe this is because marketers often think of retargeting only as a top-of-funnel tool to get information from anonymous visitors.

With B2C retargeting solutions, most cookies expire after 90 days. That’s only halfway through most B2B buyer cycles and it’s the reason most B2B retargeting efforts haven’t been very successful in the past. Retargeting solutions designed specifically for B2B can maintain cookies indefinitely for the longer B2B sales cycle.

B2B marketers can deliver ads based on stages in the funnel. Each stage of the funnel can be adapted to the changing interest and changing maturity of the buyer.

# 3 Reach Anonymous Leads

While it’s true you can identify an anonymous prospect’s interest when they visit your website by how much research they are doing, that information isn’t valuable unless you can do something with it. Retargeted ads can deliver the right content and messaging based on a prospect’s interests.

Prospect’s interests can trigger retargeted ads that tell a story. Equally important, you can determine how much to allocate in ad spend for this prospect based on their interests.

#4 Advertising Creates a Good Call-to-Action & Good Use of Content

A call-to-action (CTA) prompts an immediate response from a prospect to ‘click here’ or ‘download this’. Your content marketers have created case studies and whitepapers to support your sales efforts and you are already using these assets to provoke responses from prospects.  Targeted ads can put these assets in front of your prospects at the right time offering the perfect opportunity to capture information about them.

Once a prospect is in the marketing qualified lead (MQL) stage, marketing automation can be integrated with advertising automation for cross-channel nurturing. It’s as though you are taking your marketing automation workflow and putting it into the retargeting effort. You’re building out the nurture track beginning at the top of the funnel and taking it through to the bottom of the funnel.

#5 Branding Opportunities

Your brand is who you are and the way prospects perceive you. It’s the solution you provide along with the features and benefits you offer. With the competitive nature of B2B marketing, it’s only smart to find a way to stay top-of-mind. Otherwise, competitors will swoop in and woo your prospects away. Your brand is a continual reminder. Use consistent and relevant retargeted ads to keep your brand in front of your prospects.

We offer white papers and case studies to provide you with what you need to know about B2B ad retargeting, but a demo is the best way to uncover ways to incorporate ad retargeting into your 2016 marketing plan. Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

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