3 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is More Powerful than Event Metrics

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Event metrics are useful because they give you a macro look at your customers and their behaviors, allowing you to make decisions that will positively impact the majority.  For instance, event tracking is great for understanding what part of a funnel is broken  .  But then you must figure out why through a series of rigorously tested hypotheses.

That’s where qualitative feedback shines. Through open ended responses, you can get suggestions to reduce confusion, gauge sentiment and emotion, and identify unforeseen hypotheses.

 With that said, you can’t rely on qualitative information all of the time.  Asking customers, “what button color will cause you to buy more often,” will yield responses that are not predictive of actual results. Cohort analysis and proper A/B testing will more clearly predict that outcome.  But qualitative data is better for understanding the why behind customer desires.


Companies capture qualitative data from customers in a variety of ways.  In short, you must ask specific, narrow questions to a sufficiently large sample size of customers Then you may investigate the why and how of your customers’ needs, not just what they say they want. Understanding why and how your users interact with your product is better than collecting event-data only.


So consider asking targeted questions and actively engage customers at various interaction points within your website. You’ll capture highly-specific, in-context feedback that will help you plan your product roadmap and path to customer success.

How do you gather customer feedback? What tools are you using to capture qualitative data from customers? Please comment below

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