3 Obstacles You Must Overcome to Engage B2B Buyers [Video]

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This video reviews three hurdles you’ll face while engaging B2B buyers.  Here’s a quick recap:
  • 54% of buyers are starting the buying process before contacting your sales team

  • Buyers are jaded with “Predictive Revenue” outbound emails

  • Prospects are gunshy to fill out your lead capture forms

Everybody knows that B2B buyers are changing at a very rapid pace, and in today’s vlog we are going to look at that evolving B2B buyer. To successfully engage the business-to-business buyer of 2015 and beyond, you must understand the challenges that they are facing and how you can assist them.

1.  Buyers want to know more, but they don’t want to ask you.

About 54% of B2B buyers have initiated the buying process before they contact your sales teams. They typically begin with an informal search on Google and other review sites, and are about 70% of the way through their journey before they decide to make contact. When they do reach out to you, they are typically hoping to resolve any lingering questions they might have about the product. Why is this happening? We have to remember that in today’s world, B2B buyers are looking at video demos, official documentation and community portals related to your product. They arrive at the discussion table very well prepared and armed with questions they will use to suss out the value you can offer over your competitors. It is incredibly important to understand this element of the new B2B buying regime.

2. B2B buyers are increasingly skeptical of “Predictable Revenue” outbound sales emails.

I keep a folder in my inbox where I tag everyone who is using a template taken directly from the Predictable Revenue book without any modifications. You’d be surprised how many I’ve received over the last year alone. The saturation curve is increasing exponentially. If you want to catch the eye of a business-to-business buyer, especially via email, you need to go above and beyond. To learn more, read these posts from RevBoss, which deconstruct outbound sales email models. I also recommend the sales development blog posts by our friends at SalesLoft. They have some fantastic content about how you can distinguish yourself  in a way that is very meaningful to your solution and to your buyer.

3. Business-to-business buyers are shy.

…but not in the way that you’re thinking. B2B buyers are often hesitant to submit your lead capture forms. They know that once they offer their contact information, your sales team is going to start pounding the phones and chomping at the bit to convert them. Their hesitation is understandable. Statistics show that the first vendor to reach a buyer will influence requirements and the ability to close that account. Other statistics show that the time it takes for you to contact the person who has requested a demo has a big impact on whether or not they will successfully convert. Despite these compelling reasons to contact new leads, it’s important to remember that buyers remain sensitive, and as a result, are gun shy to pull the trigger on your lead forms.

This wraps up today’s video blog about the evolving business-to-business buyer. I welcome you to leave comments and express your opinions on how you have seen B2B buyers change over the last five years and what creative solutions you’ve come up with to deal with this evolving landscape.

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